I help people grow their business, using what they do best as the raw material

The trick to building a successful business is to start from your unique strengths, then combine them to make a difference to a customer in a way that no one else can.  I help teams, large organisations and individuals to design businesses based on these principles. 

Why should you work with me?

Two reasons: my experience and my approach.

Experience: I have 30 years experience working with technology growth companies as a manager, co-founder, early stage investor, board member, consultant and coach. I've also designed acceleration programmes and business design courses for universities, startups, and micro-entrepreneurs.  If you are considering international expansion, I speak five languages and have worked in Silicon Valley, UK, Europe, South America, Nigeria and Hong Kong. You can find out more here.

Approach: There's no lack of people and advice on how to build a business these days: lean, design thinking, etc. 

I also favour these agile approaches to venture and innovation design, but worry that people get too fundamentalist about them sometimes. There is a lot to learn from them, but they are just tools. I also believe traditional analytic tools and street smarts still have their place as well.

I've developed a toolkit which I call Simple Venture Design which aims to combine the best of the above. It's about being resourceful and pragmatic, being comfortable with intelligent experimentation, refining your ideas as you build, and balancing expansive imagination with rigorous analysis. I write about it here.

Work with me:

There are three basic ways we can work together.

I can work with you individually to design your growth strategy.  We will start where you are and develop an action plan to take your business to the next level.  

You can hire me to develop and deliver a bespoke programme for your organisation.

You can apply to attend one of my courses or accelerator programmes.

What's the next step?

Please get in touch so we can schedule a free initial meeting to explore whether and how we can work together.

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