I help people to start and grow businesses that make a difference to what they care about, using what they do best and love to do. 

Individuals, startups, small businesses, or teams within larger companies or organisations



We need to take venture back to its roots. It’s not just about startups.  It means a journey of exploration which offers risks and rewards.  This requires engaging with uncertainty and using it as the raw material for creating new products, services and business models which will make a difference others will value enough to reward you. It means developing the resilience to take risks so you can explore.


Planning is great once you have deep understanding of the parts of a problem and the pros and cons of the alternatives. Design is how you get to that stage.  It’s about developing insight before jumping to solutions.  Using creativity and imagination to come up with alternatives. It’s building prototypes and iterating them until they fit the purpose.


Simple brings rigour and discipline to the process.  It ensures that you are focusing on building something concrete and valuable.  It strips away the superfluous. It requires clarity of purpose and communication.