TSB Entrepreneurial Skills Workshops- March-April 2013

The TSB Entrepreneurial Skills workshops are designed to give the core essentials and the in-depth knowledge you need to give your business every chance of success.

The event provides a 10 question toolkit developed by School for Startups to help turn a brilliant idea or new business into a success story.

By learning how to answer these questions clearly, concisely and accurately you will learn how to:

  • Design a business model & plan that you can safely build a successful enterprise upon.
  • Quickly identify problems and provide effective solutions
  • Discover how to market your product or service quickly and cost effectively
  • Identify resources that will help you sell, support and deliver your products and services.
  • Identify industry risks that may limit your business’ success

This event will give you an analytical framework to help you lay the strong foundations your business needs on its journey to success

London 26-27 March

Newcastle 18-19 April